Gaga Navyharsties & Pik

by Iain Lowery

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This album is currently in progress. New tracks will appear, current tracks will be replaced or added to. Words, chords, arrangements, recordings and artwork may yet be changed. Never the less! If you download it now you can consider the version you have finished.

Over time this album will be a record of my writing process, changing tastes in music and state of mind. I thought I would make it available to hear and download so that other people could listen in. This is the fun bit!

Recently I have decided that it would be a nice idea to try and get other people to make images for each of the songs. So far I have been lucky enough to receive 5:
- We are the No One by James Eliot Taylor
- Birthday by Mark Bigley
- Blisters by Kim Rebecca
- Rain by Phoebe O'Donnell
- On Another Knee by Joel Benjamin

Please click the individual tracks to view the images...

If you would like to make an image for one of the songs then please email by clicking the 'For all other inquiries' email link in the bottom right of the page


08.06.11 - I removed 'Untitled 1.0' The idea has changed and will probably end up being a Lost Levels track...

I haven't done much on this project for a while now. I am starting to want to though.

08.10.10 - Two track updates today. 'Dancing in the Mirror' 3.1 and 'On Another Knee' 2.3!

30.09.10 - Blisters 2.0 - Another 'Live' version of this song. And like the previous version, its taken from a recorded rehearsal. It's a nice thread which has developed unconsciously. It was recorded by Jason Baldock for 'Live at Old School Studios' on

29.09.10 - WOW! New Cover Artwork!? Big Time.
This amazing picture was drawn for me by Phoebe O'Donnell. She has made two others which I will post on the blog and which will of course be included separately in the download. I have decided to go with this one for the time being. This may change. I may get people to vote on which of the three they think is most suitable, though I fear that not many would participate and it would be a waste of time. I may use the two other images in another way. At the moment its unclear.

21/09/10 - I have uploaded a new version of Dancing in the Mirror. Version 3.0!

09/08/10 - I have uploaded a new piece of artwork - A wonderful and very detailed drawing for 'We are the No-one'. It was made by my friend James Eliot Taylor. Check it out by clicking on the track. Also check out James's music, It's great and I have played guitar on some of it...

29/07/10 - Another brilliant piece of artwork has been given to me. The image is for the track Birthday and it was created by Mark Bigley. Check out my blog for more information -

26/07/10 - I received a fantastic piece of artwork for the track Blisters. It was made by my Artist friend Kim who has a Blog at Look her up, she's very good. Click Blisters to see it.

30/05/10 - I removed the track 'Birthday' 1.0. There were bits I really liked about it but the other version (2.2) has progressed so much more. The album is starting to take a different shape and it doesn't work having both versions on it, at the moment.

07/05/10 - Untitled 1.0 - I have uploaded this little recording. I am excited about this idea at the moment so I will hopefully be updating this one quite soon... get this snippet while you can!

Interlude - The Rain - I recorded this a while ago but completely forgot I had done. I like it when that happens.

Also today I removed the track 'The day that no-one woke up'. It may return when I actually do some work on it.

27/04/10 - We are the No One - 2.0 - Click on the track for more info.

I'm aware of the lack of updates. I have been recording lots and will post new songs at some point soon.

01/02/10 - Brain - Part 2

23/11/09 - Track Update - Birthday 2.2 - This version has a couple of extra sections at the end. I have been playing about with them for a while. I'm Still not convinced that I've got it right yet.

27/10/09 - I removed the track 'Never'

29/09/09 - Track Update - Birthday 2.1 - I have added a few more vocal parts, some effects and some other bits and bobs. I was working on it late last night. It was starting to scare me a bit by the time it had finished. Listen to it in Headphones!

Today I have also made all the tracks individually downloadable. I had decided that I wasn't going to do this. I've changed my mind though as now there have been a few updates it seems silly not to... Please feel free to comment on any updates on the blog -

15/09/09 - We have just upgraded to 'Dancing in the Mirror' - Version 2.1.

07/08/09 - I've just uploaded a new mix of Nothing and a new mix of Blisters. I've also started (barely) adding bits of information to the individual tracks.

27/07/09 - Dancing in the Mirror - I have many versions of this idea on the go at the moment, this recording has different words to the rest.


released November 29, 2010

Album Artwork - Phoebe O'Donnell



all rights reserved
Track Name: Rain
Pitter Patter Pitter Patter